Acting as support to the legal community, Whitehall Canada offers services which facilitate case development and decision making.  These services prove to be useful tools through all stages of the legal process - initial settlement, mediation, arbitration and trials.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance on disability, injury and corporate matters are completed by our professional and diverse team of investigators. For culturally sensitive matters, we employ staff from varied backgrounds to ensure a higher success rate. Our investigators use state of the art video equipment.

  • Criminal Investigations

    Investigations of this nature require a dedicated staff that possess an analytical, creative mind and full understanding of the need for thorough interviews and statement taking. Working on matters such as homicides and sexual assaults require sensitivity and compassion without losing focus on the truth. 
  • Comprehensive Interviews, Locates and Background

    In support of the Property and Casualty, corporate and Life and Health communities, there are many services that cross over which can be used by professional litigators. Interviews from a variety of sources, locate type searches and development of background are common services we provide.