Investigating Life and Health claims requires a different mind-set than those investigations involving the Property and Casualty market. At Whitehall Canada, we have proven our expertise and professionalism time and again, following strict policies and protocols when handing all our Life and Health claims.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance on Long Term and Short Term disability claims are completed by our professional and diverse team of investigators. For culturally sensitive matters, we employ staff from varied backgrounds to ensure a higher success rate. Our investigators use state of the art video equipment. 

  • Death Claims {National and Foreign Services}

    Whether in Canada, the United States or outside the borders of North America, our experience and network of professional investigators continues to position us as one of the leaders in the industry. Claims include Contestable, Accident and Mysterious with an emphasis on document verification and retrieval services.

  • Claimant Interviews, Alive and Well Checks

    As a professional extension of our client, we interview claimants within the comforts of their home or employment. Detailed reports and statements, when requested, are provided. This service can be coupled with the use of a kinesiologist through iDEA.

  • Database Investigations

    National and international searches are commonly used to support surveillance or to clarify/develop new information within an investigation. These searches go beyond the standard “google it” approach and results are presented in a professional format.

  • Vendor Screening and Audit

    Clients deserve to be associated with or retain respected, professional services. However, much like a new employee may print or say what is needed to secure a job, we also ensure that vendors our clients use or consider are in fact truthful. Whitehall Canada has investigated and determined fraudulent providers used by the insurance and corporate communities. Billing to Performance is also reviewed, as is a complete review of proposal information.