Whitehall Bureau of Canada has developed world-class strategic alliances and joint research and development initiatives to offer our client partners with a wide choice of innovative and integrated investigative solutions.
We understand that combating fraud on a global scope cannot be achieved single-handedly. It is our firm belief that building strong relationships throughout the world answers the common purpose - to serve our client partners with the best possible results and add immediate value.
Through these alliances and with our combined strengths and geographical reach, our focus is to help you, the stakeholder, become more competitive and profitable. Our research has taken us to many parts of the world, and case by case, success has been achieved through reliable and trustworthy partnerships. Simplified, our alliances have enabled us to gain a competitive advantage through access of our partner's resources, including technologies and investigative expertise.
Whitehall Bureau of America has also enabled us to work with some of the best investigators within the United Sates for the betterment of our clients worldwide.
A significant partnership has also been developed with iDEA {Injury, Disability, Examination, Analysis}. This service has provided investigation companies, corporations and global insurers with a viable evaluation tool, known as Kinesthetic Video Analysis. Click here to learn more on how you or your clients can experience similar cost savings experience when settling their claims.