Property and Casualty insurance is one of the largest industries in Canada and is continually growing. To keep up with the high demands generated by this growth, we are constantly evolving and changing our services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance is completed by our professional and diverse team of investigators. For culturally sensitive matters, we employ staff from varied backgrounds to ensure a higher success rate.

    Our investigators are trained and updated on necessary industry changes, from privacy to accident prevention. Our staff use state of the art video equipment, including hidden camera devices.

    To ensure that each investigation is managed successfully from start to completion, Whitehall Canada’s Case Managers provide clients daily updates through FileLynx, e-mail and/or telephone. Included as part of our Case Management system, staff perform quality assurance reviews of all reports and video.
  • Social Media Investigation

    With the emergence of Social Media, we are called upon to thoroughly investigate employees, competitors and those involved in other legal action. Relevant evidence is professionally preserved.

  • Major & Complex Loss Investigation and Comprehensive Statements

    Major losses are unfortunately a part of the world in which we live. Whether serious injuries or death stem from long haul trucking, train, bus or airplane accidents, or property losses to include tavern or social host liability, our Major Loss Unit is able to assist and provide comprehensive investigative support. Primary support includes:
    • In depth interviews of witnesses, first responders, insured drivers, passengers and others who are involved.
    • These interviews are followed up with comprehensive statements, diagrams and other supportive evidence.
    • Our On-Scene Accident Analysis provides detailed footage, photographs, diagrams and measurements that can be compared to statements and other evidence. This service provides you an opportunity to focus on other potential factors that might be lost in the days, weeks or months after a loss.
  • Investigation Beyond the Lens Mentality

    Most losses require investigation to include surveillance, interviews and statements. The claims process may take several years and require any number of investigative techniques beyond the standard surveillance requests. Our staff is well trained in keeping focused on the client’s objective and realize there are  many avenues beyond surveillance to secure the truth. Some of these services include the following:
    • Neighborhood Canvasses
    • Employment interviews with supervisors, colleagues, and Human Resources personnel
    • Claimant interviews
    • Extensive databases searches
    • Locate Investigations 
  • Financial Motive, Subrogation and Recovery

    Understanding the needs of claims personnel has given Whitehall Canada a wealth of experience in property losses, such as theft, fire and mortgage fraud. Motive investigation is a specialty, which includes a delicate balance of interviews and database searches. In-person attendance to document fire, theft and inventory losses via video can be supported by interviews with suppliers, employees and others to ensure the full picture is provided for assessment.
  • Database Investigations

    Searches are commonly used to support surveillance and uncover leads, which may assist in developing the truth. Our national and international search capabilities are among the best in North America because we do more than scratch the surface.

    Common searches completed include, but are not limited to:

    • Civil and Litigation Searches
    • Criminal  
    • Individual Locate
    • Real Property/Asset Individual
    • Real Property/Asset Corporate
    • Motor Vehicle Registration and Driver Record
    • Insurance and Claims History
    • Lien Searches
    • Weather Reports
    • Land Title Searches
    • Hospital Canvass {US Claims Only}

      * Please note that some searches require authorization
  • Vendor Screening and Audit

    Clients deserve to be associated with or retain respected, professional services. However, much like a new employee may print or say what is needed to secure a job, we also ensure that vendors our clients use or consider are in fact truthful. Whitehall Canada has investigated and determined fraudulent providers used by the insurance and corporate communities. Billing to Performance is also reviewed, as is a complete review of proposal information. 
  • ID Theft Restoration Services

    A service we provide our clients is working with their policyholder to restore their identity once it has been, or thought to have been compromised. The determination of ID Theft is crucial and may be a lengthy, time consuming process to repair. However, clients find this service an invaluable tool to ensure sensitivity, commitment and a value added benefit to their policyholder.